Rosarians (recognized rose experts) and other members of the West Jersey Rose Society have written articles about growing beautiful roses.  We include links to some of these informative reports for your reading and gardening pleasure.  Check back for more articles in the future. Please contact the West Jersey Rose Society for permission to reprint these articles.

The Year the Peacocks Visited My Rose Garden, by Tom Mayhew

Photographing Roses, by Tom Mawhew

Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Garden, Tom Mayhew

The Basics for Growing Good Roses, Bill Kozemchak

Planting Roses, Bill Kozemchak

Pruning Basics, Bill Kozemchak

Water, Water, Water, Bill Kozemchak

Take Me To The Show, Bill Kozemchak

Propagating Roses from Cuttings, Pam Coath

Winter Protection for Roses, Gus Banks

Getting Ready for Spring, Bill Kozemchak

April in the Rose Garden, Tom Mayhew

Tom's Mix - Tom Mayhew's Fungicide Mix for Roses

Repairing a Damaged Soaker Hose - Tom Mayhew

An Almost Invisible Deer Fence, Easily Removable & Reusable- Tom Mayhew

An Inexpensive Hidden Rose Support - Tom Mayhew

WJRS Member Recommended Book List


Many of the books and rose care products recommended are available from Amazon. If you order them through the Amazon links on the left side our web pages, you will be supporting the WJRS at no additional cost to you. if you need assistance in using these links, contact

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